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Major Robin Watt sketching during
Operation Desert Storm, 1990-91

Robin Watt, is a retired soldier and  professional artist. He is principally an animal painter, specializing in equestrian, sporting and wildlife subjects.  A 10th Hussar, he saw action with 16 Parachute Brigade during multiple tours of duty in Northern Ireland, and during an attachment to 22SAS in Oman.  He  has undertaken  Special Duties in Northern Ireland.  He was war artist to the 7th Armoured Brigade during the first Gulf War, simultaneously raising funds for the Army Benevolent Fund through his sketches and paintings of soldiers living, training and fighting in the desert before and during Operation Desert Storm; and its aftermath on the Mutla Ridge in Kuwait. 


Since 1990 my principal aim, as an artist, has been to raise funds for military charities in general, and for battle casualties in particular.

For the same purpose I now offer selected images of my art-work, in the form of 'greeting cards' or fine art archival prints, to Veterans Norfolk, the member charities of Veterans Norfolk, and any other military charity that may wish to benefit from this fund-raising project.

I am not involved financially with this project and since there is no charge for the scanning process and no artist's fee to pay, I am able to offer the cards and prints at the lowest price possible. Hence, a military charity, having placed an order with the printing company concerned, is then free to set its own higher, but still very reasonable price, for the sale of the cards or prints to its own customers, thus maximising its profit. And the larger the order made the greater the profit will be.

In order to widen the scope of this fund-raising project as much as possible I also invite private individuals, or the members of non-military organisations, to participate in this project. But, so that the military charities, quite correctly, continue to be the main beneficiaries, they may only to do so via Veterans Norfolk, or one of its member charities.

The instructions for placing the card or print orders with the printing companies are contained in the Card and Print Order Forms shown below. I am now in the process of creating additional designs that I shall offer in due course. 

It is my hope that the military charities and the general public will rally behind this project by providing the energy needed both to increase its impact and to extend its reach.   It is also my hope that what began as a modest idea will become a significant source of funding for veterans in need.

These 'All-Purpose' cards can be used at any time of the year and for any reason. For example for correspondence, or for birthdays, Easter or Christmas. The cards are blank on the inside, but a Christmas message can be printed inside the card at no extra cost on request to the printer.

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To print order form drag to desktop










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